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By Morgan Williams & Co.
high net worth investor

High Net Worth Investors are Losing Money to Scams

The pandemic brought with it many unpleasant economic side-effects: problems in global supply chains and now, as the world tries to recover, rapidly rising inflation and interest rates.  It also brought a considerable increase in fraud as scams proliferated: romance scams, investment scams and impersonation scams all increased significantly. Phishing attacks were reported to have...
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Are People Going Mad in the Metaverse?

We have written about the Metaverse before – the immersive, online space where our avatars (3D representations of ourselves) can walk around, interact with others, learn, play games and go shopping. According to its advocates – which, most famously, are led by Mark Zuckerberg of Meta (as Facebook is now known) – the Metaverse is...
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Will the Cost of Living Crisis Hit Buoyant Housing Market?

Last month, house price growth hit its highest level in nearly two decades, with figures from Nationwide showing an annual increase of 14.3 per cent in March, up from 12.6 per cent in February. On the face of it, this appears to be great news for everyone in the housing sector, from estate agents to...
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Food Insecurity Soars Amid Rising Inflation

As the cost of living crisis bites, the very real human impact of rising rates of inflation is becoming alarmingly stark. According to a report by the Food Foundation, surging prices are now forcing millions of households to significantly cut back on food. Figures showed that in the last month, more than two million adults...
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Chancellor announces extra support as cost of living crisis bites

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has set out new measures to help households cope with the rising cost of living. This includes a £400 discount on energy bills for all households and one-off payments for the lowest-income families, which will be funded by a temporary windfall tax on oil and gas giants. Mr Sunak...
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Ukraine War

How the War in Ukraine Will Push up Prices

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, many of our clients have asked us if the war is likely to push up prices in the UK, making the current cost of living crisis even worse. The short answer is ‘yes, almost certainly’. We have tried to explain below what is likely to happen and...
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Explaining the Metaverse

Many people reading this article will have heard of the Metaverse. It is supposedly the Next Big Thing. It will change the way we work, socialise, learn and be entertained. Facebook – Meta as the company is now called – has hired 10,000 of the brightest and best and is investing billions. Your avatar will...
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Turn off the lights

Would the Last Bank Manager to Leave Please Turn Out the Lights?

Go back not that many years and any reasonably-sized town would have had the ‘big four’ on its high street: Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest and HSBC occupying prominent retail positions and – if the town was slightly larger – quite possibly a branch of TSB, RBS and Yorkshire Bank as well. North of the border they...
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What Does Rising Inflation Mean for Wage Growth?

The UK is facing a cost of living crisis, with inflation hitting 6.2% in February 2022, and according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, it could average at 7.4% this year. But people’s wages aren’t going up at the same rate, despite the words “high wages” effortlessly tripping off the tongues of government ministers only...
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