The Bottom Line

By Morgan Williams & Co.
Ukraine War

How the War in Ukraine Will Push up Prices

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, many of our clients have asked us if the war is likely to push up prices in the UK, making the current cost of living crisis even worse. The short answer is ‘yes, almost certainly’. We have tried to explain below what is likely to happen and...
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Explaining the Metaverse

Many people reading this article will have heard of the Metaverse. It is supposedly the Next Big Thing. It will change the way we work, socialise, learn and be entertained. Facebook – Meta as the company is now called – has hired 10,000 of the brightest and best and is investing billions. Your avatar will...
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Turn off the lights

Would the Last Bank Manager to Leave Please Turn Out the Lights?

Go back not that many years and any reasonably-sized town would have had the ‘big four’ on its high street: Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest and HSBC occupying prominent retail positions and – if the town was slightly larger – quite possibly a branch of TSB, RBS and Yorkshire Bank as well. North of the border they...
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What Does Rising Inflation Mean for Wage Growth?

The UK is facing a cost of living crisis, with inflation hitting 6.2% in February 2022, and according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, it could average at 7.4% this year. But people’s wages aren’t going up at the same rate, despite the words “high wages” effortlessly tripping off the tongues of government ministers only...
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April 2022 Market Commentary

This month’s market commentary was written on Friday April 1st, with the section on Ukraine written in the afternoon. Nevertheless, events may have overtaken our comments by the time you read this.  March was dominated by news of the fighting and its inevitable consequences: the rising cost of energy and the inevitable shortages that we’re...
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Do You Want a Shorter Working Week?

Today, there’s no single definition of a typical working day. Many will go to the office for eight hours, work irregular shifts or set up a laptop in their front room, spare bedroom or favourite coffee shop. That has massively fuelled the debate about moving away from a traditional five-day working week, with many arguing...
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Do I Really Need to Make a Will?

What happens to your assets when you die? Doesn’t everything automatically go to your partner or spouse? Well, no, and this mistaken belief might explain why so many people in the UK haven’t taken out a legally binding Will. According to a survey by Will Aid, 49 per cent of people in the UK don’t...
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Young Adults Susceptible to Romance Scams

Romance scams are often assumed to predominantly be an issue among older people, with fraudsters tricking those who are lonely and vulnerable into false relationships, so they can steal their money and personal details. However, a new study by Nationwide suggests that the problem may be far more widespread than many of us assume, with...
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Cybersecurity: the UK’s Boom Industry

In 2020, the Government was in a bullish mood about the UK cybersecurity sector. It reported that the number of firms in the sector had increased by 44% over the previous three years, with the sector generating revenues of £8.3bn. Two years of a global pandemic have done nothing to slow that growth, with the...
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