The Bottom Line

By Morgan Williams & Co.

The Richest Women in the World

The newspapers are constantly full of stories about the ‘richest men in the world.’ We are all familiar with some of the historical names on the list such as John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford, and today the title is being disputed by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, depending on the respective share prices of...
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Could your face replace your bank card?

Once upon a time we bartered; we exchanged animal skins for meat and sold our labour for a square meal. Then, gradually, coins and paper money arrived. Banks became secure. We wrote cheques. We had a credit card in our pocket as the ads encouraged us ‘to take the waiting out of wanting.’  Debit cards...
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March 2021 Market Commentary

Welcome to the March Market Commentary: as you will see below, February was a good month for world stock markets with virtually all the major markets moving in the right direction.  It was also the month which saw the rollouts of various vaccines accelerate in many countries. As we write on the morning of March...
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smart watch

Is Wearable Tech set to Turn us into our own Doctors?

Many people reading this article will have a Fitbit, assiduously clocking up their 10,000 steps a day. Others will have taken it further, maybe checking their heart rate on an Apple watch, logging their workouts and maybe even going so far as using the watch’s ECG (electrocardiogram) functions.  Maybe when you have finished your workout...
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Can Being Flexible with Hours Really Boost Productivity?

In the old days it was simple. You went to work for a company, spent your whole life there and duly retired. ‘Security’ was what people wanted in a job.  But the world of work was changing, even before the pandemic. As more Millennials, people who came of age around the turn of the century,...
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Market Commentary February 2021

It might be appropriate to start January 2021 by looking back at last year. At the start of January 2020, we were fairly sure what we would be writing about, which included the run-up to Brexit on the 31st and a gradual thawing of US/China relations with a long-awaited trade deal due to be signed.  China...
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No Jab, No Job? Will the Covid-19 Vaccination become compulsory?

Saga, the company that provides insurance and holidays for the over 50s, has just said that it will turn away any cruise passengers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 14 days prior to departure.  Since November, Australian airline Qantas has stated that passengers will need to prove they have had the vaccination...
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Be aware of coronavirus vaccine scams

The increasing numbers of coronavirus vaccines being administered across the UK is a major breakthrough in the fight against COVID and the gradual return to normalcy. It’s a great cause for relief and a real glimmer of hope. That being said, there are also reports of fraudsters taking advantage of the situation and exploiting those...
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Can money really buy happiness?

Some people say money can’t buy you love. They also say it can’t buy you happiness. But what if it could? Thanks to extensive research into both human behaviour and psychology, we can come to understand the objects and experiences that contribute most to people’s happiness. We can also decipher how to get our hands...
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