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By Morgan Williams & Co.
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Investment market update: January 2024

While a new year started, many of the key factors affecting economies and markets in January were the same as those in 2023, namely high levels of inflation and recession fears. The World Bank warned the global economy is set to slow for a third successive year in 2024 and is on course for the...
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6 imaginative books to read with children this World Book Day

Are you taking part in World Book Day this year? The annual celebration of books and reading takes place on 7 March 2024 and aims to encourage children and adults alike to enjoy the hobby. Reading with your children can provide a range of benefits. The BookTrust found that children who read regularly are more...
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A Lasting Power of Attorney could offer protection at every life stage

Naming a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is often associated with the elderly. But it could provide vital protection and peace of mind at every life stage. An LPA gives someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to do so. When you think about the scenarios that might...
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4 excellent reasons you may want to boost your ISA now

If you haven’t used your ISA allowance for the 2023/24 tax year, it could be wise to review your options over the next few weeks before the 2024/25 tax year starts. Read on to discover some of the reasons why an ISA could make sense for you. Government statistics show that ISAs are a popular...
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3 insightful research findings that could help you navigate your “second 50”

A report suggests that life after 50 will be radically different for those who have recently celebrated the milestone or are nearing it when compared to previous generations, and it could have implications for your financial plan. The research from Aegon looks at how lifestyles are changing for over-50s, dubbing this chapter of life the...
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Retirement planning: The importance of setting out your lifestyle goals

When you start thinking about the steps you need to take when retiring, your focus might be on the financial side. Yet, it’s often a good idea to start with your lifestyle aspirations. Last month, you read about the different options when deciding how you’ll retire. Now, it’s time to consider what your ideal retirement...
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Guide: Everything you need to know about annuities when creating a retirement income

When you retire, you will often have a range of choices available to you about how you access your pension. One such method is an annuity, which could provide you with a reliable income.  If you’re not sure how annuities work or if they could be right for you, this guide explains the essentials you...
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Investment market update: December 2023

Many markets rallied during December based on the expectation that interest rates will start to fall in 2024. Read on to discover what else may have affected your investment portfolio in the final month of 2023.  On 27 December, the MSCI World Stock Index, which comprises stock from nearly 3,000 companies to track global equity-market...
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The feel-good news stories you might have missed in 2023

The start of the new year is the perfect time to reflect on what has happened over the past 12 months. Although the news often focuses on disheartening events, there are plenty of heartwarming stories out there that can restore your faith in humanity. From science breakthroughs to exciting projects, here are seven stories you...
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