We Believe Our Strongest Asset Is

Our Culture

Every firm will tell you that they have your best interests at heart. Where we are different is that we go beyond vague platitudes, we ensure that our company is structured to make certain that our interest and yours are aligned, which we believe is the cornerstone of good culture. In practical terms that means not paying our staff individual bonuses or rewarding one type of business over another. It means always questioning ourselves and being prepared to talk to new companies and listen to new ideas within the marketplace. It means working together, if you do new business with our firm it is entirely possible that every member of staff in the office will have some impact on the solution.

It means all that and so much more… ask us about our culture.

Can We Help You?

The start of the process is a triage where we decide together as to whether or not we are the best people to help you. To achieve this we offer a free, no obligation, initial meeting, over the phone or in person as you prefer, which often lasts about half an hour. In this meeting we get to grips with the broad strokes of what you would like to achieve and we will tell you if we think we are the right people to help you.

If so, then we will outline for you exactly how much the process would cost and how long it would take. At that point it’s up to you as to whether or not you would like us to proceed. If you wish to proceed then we then start the process of getting to know you and understanding in detail your objectives.

If we did not think that we were the best people to help you, then we would point you in the direction of the people we think are better placed to help. We levy no charge for this and do not receive any money from any other firms for pointing you in their direction.

Getting To Know You

We make this process as painless as possible, we completely understand that you are likely not to know everything about your existing finances. We love nothing more than going through a huge pile of paper, so please feel free to bring these with you.

The most important part of the meeting is to understand what you want to achieve, in some cases this might be entirely obvious in others less so. It is our job to help you formulate these objectives and then turn them into reality. One of the most important areas we will look at is understanding what level of risk you want to take. It is our job to help you to understand what risks exist and to work together to decide the right level of risk for you. Our aim is to give you the highest level of reward potential without giving you sleepless nights.


Having worked out what you want to achieve we interrogate the whole market to create a shortlist of options which could meet your objectives, then we will select from this shortlist the one which we think is the best solution.

Due Diligence

Having selected the option which we think is best we then subject the recommended product to rigorous due diligence. This is about us making an assessment of the product provider’s ability to do what they have promised to do.


We next provide a written recommendation report and meet to discuss how we think it meets your needs and objectives and the risks/disadvantages involved. You then make the decision as to whether or not to enact the recommendation.


If you decide to move forward our experienced administration team will then enact the recommendation. We try to make this process as straightforward as possible. Most of the time all we require from you is a few signatures.

Continuing Our Relationship

We believe in forging long term relationships with our clients so that we help them not just once, but countless times over decades. Therefore we offer an array of different ongoing service for clients wishing to retain them. For some products such as a Lifetime Annuity ongoing advice would be completely unnecessary, but others like Flexi-Access Drawdown we consider it to be essential.

Should you decide to take an ongoing service you can choose a service which best suits your circumstances and our fully transparent charging structure allows you to make an informed decision by knowing in advance how much it will cost. Our services range from simply maintaining your file and providing ongoing transactional help, to a fully bespoke ongoing service with unlimited access to your adviser.

Risk is Real

Investment risk is not just an abstract concept, it is real.

Of course nobody invests with the intention of losing money, but in truth there is no such thing as a risk free investment. There are countless different types of risks which you encounter when you do anything with money. Even leaving the money in the bank carries risk; what if the bank goes bust; what happens if inflation rises faster than the interest rate you receive? Investments do not rise in straight lines, but will instead go up and down at different points and when you come to spend your money there is no guarantee that you will have more than you put in. As a broad rule of thumb the more money you expect to make from an investment and the shorter the timescale you invest for, the higher the risk of you losing money.

Our job is to ensure that you take only the right risks for you, that you understand them and to get the maximum returns for the risk you take.

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